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History and Mission

Rowan Consulting Associates, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Tim Rowan after he served five years as CIO of a large Colorado home healthcare agency. Reluctant to leave the healthcare sector he had grown to love, Tim partnered with the leading home health technology consultant of the time and purchased “Home Care Automation Report” from its founding publisher. Over the next ten years, HCAR became the most authoritative and respected technology news source in home healthcare. Following the untimely passing of his mentor and business partner in 2009, Tim carried on their mission to gather, deliver and interpret news about home care technology, regulations, marketing, clinical tools, and other critical issues, now under the name “Home Care Technology Report.” When the industry began using “The Rowan Report” as a shorthand nickname, we eventually gave in and relaunched HCTR as “Healthcare at Home: The Rowan Report” to reflect the changes in the industry and to encompass a broader range of topics.

In October, 2023, Tim handed over the reigns of The Rowan Report to his long time Marketing Director, and daughter, Kristin. Tim assumed the title Editor Emeritus and continues to write occasionally for The Rowan Report as he moves toward retirement.

Tim Rowan
Founder &  Editor Emeritus

Tim Rowan holds a Master of Arts degree in Education from Loyola University, Chicago. After ten years in adult religious education positions, he moved to the computer and network hardware and software industry in the fledgling personal computer era, eventually landing back in adult education for a technical training firm. It was there that Tim was introduced to home healthcare through one of his training clients, who lured him aboard as their first CIO. Recently retired, Tim, a widower, father of four, step-father of three more, and grandfather of six, lives in Colorado with his dog and spends his free time hiking through the Rockies, watching baseball, and traveling to see his family. 

Kristin Rowan
Owner and Editor-in-Chief

Kristin Rowan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Strategic Communication with a dual major in Advertising and Public Relations from Northern Arizona State University in 2013. She completed a Master of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Maryland University College in 2017. Kristin has been managing the sales and develops marketing strategies for The Rowan Report since 2008 and purchase The Rowan Report to continue her father’s legacy, in addition to running her own marketing agency. She lives outside Phoenix with her two teenage children. To inquire about article submissions, product reviews, or advertising: Kristin@therowanreport.com

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