by Jen Waldron,

Recruiting caregivers for your home care agency franchise can be challenging enough, but it’s even more frustrating when those same caregivers don’t bother to pick up the phone after applying for your jobs. You may have put in a significant amount of time, money, and energy into trying to find qualified caregiver applicants, only to be repeatedly met with radio silence, missed calls, or unanswered texts.

In my mission to help home care agencies recruit more efficiently, I have identified the top five reasons why caregivers do not pick up your calls and what you can do about it.

1. You are not offering competitive pay or benefits

In a comprehensive study Pew Research found that the number one reason people leave their job is, in fact, for more money. But the number two and three reasons are “no advancement opportunities” and “feeling disrespected at work.” If your compensation package — and your career advancement opportunities — are not competitive, caregivers may choose to ignore your calls and continue searching for better opportunities.

2. Your job ad looks like spam; your hiring process does not stand out from the crowd

Candidates do not read your job description, especially if it is wordy. All job posts look like spam to the applicant, they apply to too many jobs, as many as 16 or more at one time!, and, as a result, they never read job descriptions.

This confusion can lead to candidates feeling apprehensive about texts and phone calls from unknown numbers and explain why they often opt not to answer your phone calls. The screen shot below is an example of how caregiver applicants get too many messages about jobs. To stand out from the crowd, an agency HR team must find a different way to communicate with the applicant about the value and challenges of your jobs.

3. You are not demonstrating professionalism in your hiring process


Caregivers are professionals and they expect you to have a professional hiring process. Many agencies use hiring software built for other industries and, as a result, their hiring process is clunky. On many job boards, applicants “1-click” apply with a job seeker profile they may have made several years ago. When they are followed up with through some sort of automated text system (which they think looks spammy – see pic!), they are annoyed that they are being asked to “apply” again.

4.  You have poor online reviews or ratings

Today, people trust online reviews and ratings as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. If your agency has too few positive or too many poor online reviews from clients and/or employees, caregivers may not have confidence in you as an employer. Even if the impression they glean from your reviews is inaccurate, they may choose a competitor whose reviews reflect the culture and work ethic more suitable to their own. Therefore, it is imperative that you invite positive feedback from satisfied clients and employees and respond quickly to negative online reviews. This is critically important to attracting caregivers interested in working for you.

5. Your recruitment process takes too long; caregivers are moving on

The data shows that 57% of applicants today expect to hear back about the position they applied for within 1 week. With regard to retention after onboarding, one of the reasons caregivers leave is they are not given enough hours to make full time work. They say they want those hours to be in the right location and compatible with their scheduling needs and experience level.

You do not want to incur the cost of going through the whole interview, orientation, and hiring process if you do not have the right clients to match their needs and preferences at that time. Therefore, it is vital to streamline your recruitment process and to implement fast and efficient process with the best applicants.

In Summary

As a home care agency owner, it is essential to understand why caregivers may not answer your calls, even after applying for your jobs. Based on our five reasons applicants do not pick up your calls after they apply, there are steps you can take to improve your odds of attracting the best applicants:

    • Evaluate your recruitment process, compensation package, job description, communication methods, and online reputation.
    • Ensure you demonstrate professionalism through your interactions, online and during interviews.
    • Make your job description and requirements stand out amongst the spammy looking emails and texts out there today.
    • Take steps to eliminate bottlenecks in your hiring process.

By doing so, you will attract the best caregivers who will choose to work with you, and your agency can grow and thrive.

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Jen Waldron is one of the co-founders of Augusta Home Care Recruiting She started working in the senior care industry in 2009 as a professional caregiver in a memory care community. Since then, she has been an executive supporting thousands of home care agencies and other senior care businesses through software solutions. Augusta is an innovative software company designed entirely for home care. The platform gets caregivers to show up to interviews through inspiring confidence in the applicant, speed to hire and identifying top talent.

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