By Kristin Rowan, Editor

Illumifin, an insurance administration and claims solution provider for long term care (LTC) insurance, has released its 2023 Cost of Care study. The longitudinal study is now in its tenth year and includes national, state, and regional costs of services across skilled nursing, adult day care, home health care, and assisted living facilities.

The study found that the average rate for a home health aide in 2023 was $30.62 per hour, a 5.2% increase over 2022. The average per-rate visit for a registered nurse was $147.72, a 1.6% decrease over the prior year. Assisted living facility rates are up .6 – 3.8% nationwide, while skilled nursing facility rates decreased .4 – 1.0%.

The full press release from Illumifin is here.

To access the full study, contact Jennifer Frost by email at

As costs continue to rise, CMS will need to adjust its proposed per-episode base pay cut for FY 2025. We continue to report on the proposed cuts from CMS and MedPAC, who argue home health agencies are being overpaid, even as costs of supplies and hourly pay go up.

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