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Home health agency failed to protect Joyce Grayson


We’ve been following the story of Joyce Grayson since her death in October of 2023. The news was first published in The Rowan Report here on November 8th, 2023.On April 14th, we reported on the pending Senate Bill in Connecticut that would require home health agencies to provide additional information and safety precautions prior to a home visit. The safety  of solo workers is now even more important to home health and hospice agencies with the most recent update.

Elara Caring at Fault Joyce Grayson


May 1, 2024, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) posted a news release on their investigation into the death of Joyce Grayson, a home health nurse in Connecticut. According to the Department of Labor, OSHA has determined that Elara Caring exposed their employees to workplace violence from patients who were known to pose a risk to others. Jordan Health Care Inc. and New England Home Care Inc., both doing business as Elara Caring, have been cited for willful violation of the agency’s general duty clause. OSHA cited them for not developing and implementing safety measures to protect employees from workplace violence. They also cited the agency for failure to report work-related injury and illness records within four business hours.


OSHA has proposed more than $163,000 in penalties against Elara Caring. Elara Caring has 15 days from receipt of the citations to respond, request a hearing, or contest the findings. 

“Elara Caring failed its legal duty to protect employees from workplace injury by not having effective measures in place to protect employees against a known hazard and it cost a worker her life,” said OSHA Area Director Charles D. McGrevy in Hartford, Connecticut. “For its employees’ well-being, Elara must develop, implement and maintain required safeguards such as a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program. Workplace safety is not a privilege; it is every worker’s right.”

OSHA found that Elara Caring could have reduced the potential for workplace violence by looking at the root causes of violent incidents and “near misses.” They could also have provided clinicians with background information on patients prior to a home visit. Other recommendations from OSHA include providing emergency panic alert buttons and using safety escorts for visits with high-risk patients.

Future Recommendations

The DOL states that employers should have a comprehensive workplace violence program. This program should include both management and employee involvement. Further, the DOL says this plan should have a written program with a committee. Elements of a workplace violence program include:

  • Analysis of a home upon new patient admission
  • Hazard prevention and control
  • Training and Education
  • Resources for Impacted Employees
  • Recordkeeping
  • Employee Feedback
Elara Caring at Fault Stop Workplace Violence


If Elara Caring is fined for failure to keep their clinicians safe as a result of the investigation into Joyce Grayson’s murder, state and national level regulations are sure to follow. However, even if the laws in your area don’t change, investing now in workplace safety for your clinicians could save you from similar allegations and fines. As we mentioned in last week’s article about the Senate Bill, we have been in touch with several emergency alert companies and will be providing product reviews in the next few weeks. Start a workforce safety committee, develop a written plan for mitigating dangerous situations, and issue emergency response systems to all of your clinicians before it is your agency under investigation. More importantly, take these steps before your team loses one of its own to workplace violence.

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Kristin Rowan, Editor
Kristin Rowan, Editor

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