by Kristin Rowan, Editor,

On Wednesday, January 31, Cigna and HCSC signed an agreement to sell all of Cigna’s Medicare business — including traditional Medicare, supplemental benefits, Medicare Part D offerings, and CareAllies, a value-based care management subsidiary.  — to HCSC, a Blue Cross / Blue Shield partner with operations in Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Montana. The $3.3 billion deal will quadruple the size of HCSC’s Medicare Advantage population, which numbered 217,623 as of this month.

Medicare Advantage had not been a significant business for Cigna. CEO David Cordani explained that it required resources disproportionate to its size in the company. With 19 million insurance customers, Cigna had a little over a half million in its MA business, a little under a half million Medicare supplement members, and 2.5 million in Part D.

It had previously been reported that Cigna believed divesting its Medicare business would make its merger with Humana more acceptable to regulators. The company completed its HCSC deal even though negotiations with Humana had already broken down. Though inked today, the deal is  not expected to close until the first quarter of 2025.

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